Aromatherapy – 100% Natural Treatment for Minor skin irritations

Essential oils and aromatic plants have been used to treat minor ailments since ancient times. Using natural, pure essential oils is an easy and inexpensive way to treat various maladies without fear of adverse side-effects and is therefore ideal for children and adults alike, as well as people with sensitive skin. Why use pure essential […]

3 Must-Eat Superfoods

What exactly is a superfood? Superfoods are whole foods that have extremely high nutritional values and health benefits for a human body. Doctors, nutritionists and scientists around the world agree that eating superfoods not only prevents certain diseases, but also boosts your immune system, lowers your cholesterol, fights stress and even helps you to lose […]

Eye Lens: Anatomy & Accommodation

The lens of the eye is a transparent crystalline structure located directly behind the pupil. It has 9-10 mm diameter. The eye lens is like a crystal and consists of water and proteins. It is normally transparent to allow light rays to pass to the retina. It is also called the crystalline lens. The image […]

Keeping the Side Effects of Contact Lenses at Bay

Because contact lenses are worn directly on the eye, they can potentially cause side effects. The lenses, roughly the same diameter as a person’s iris, float on a layer of tears right in front of the cornea. Contacts are not “one size fits all,” and in fact must be carefully prescribed to match not only […]