The future of 3D cinema and 3D video advertising content

This year so far has seen a vast slowing down of hollywood blockbusters in 3D format. Some time ago, every film that was on a large scale budget was automatically pressured into being a 3D project by hollywood bosses as the media was so popular with cinema audiences. 3D by nature is much more exciting as an audience member who is attracted by the sensationalist aspect of film, as it  makes it easier to be engulfed by the world they are shown on screen as they feel much closer to the action than 2D (due to this 3D method playing tricks on the brain). High scale action films, comedies and gory horrors seemed to work particularly well in 3D as they aimed to achieve striking one particular chord within the viewer to get the reaction they desired, such as being horrified or laughing or in ore at the amazing special effects used. Films that were ambitious with what they wanted to get from their audience emotionally were often not made into 3D as the technology would not bring anything to the film. As these films are commonly after not just one emotion but several. It is also very costly to make a film in 3D rather than 2D due to the camera, rigging, visual effects, editing, processing and expertise that is additionally needed. It is therefore no surprise that as there has been a slight decline in audiences automatically seeing a film just because it is in 3D, hollywood in response has dramatically cut down on the 3D production of films as profit margins have become too small.

However something that is still very popular with cinema audiences is remastering their old favourites into 3D. Some recent examples have included Star Wars, The Lion King and Titanic. This trend suggests the public still has a strong fascination with films in 3D… however only if they have seen and enjoyed the 2D version. They are wanting to experience it again from a different immersive viewpoint.

Occasionally advertising videos are made in 3D but this is for a gimmick effect usually so they can attract more people over to their stall at exhibitions. However with complete 3D computers become evermore popular and with this recent trend occurring with revamping old movies in 3D it is quite possible that there will be a demand in visitors to your website to have a choice to view your corporate film  in 2D or 3D. Negatives of this would be having the cost of having to convert your 2D film into 3D however the benefits would be that your visitors are staying on your site for longer and therefore learning more about your business and brand as well as a 3D advertisement establishing a connection with your viewer that cannot be attained by a 2D version due to the nature of the technology.